The Plan

About one and a half year ago the plan to go to South America was kinda finished. During my time in New Zealand I met a couple of guys who were familiar around there. They told me a lot of stories and showed me photo´s. That has been the initiator of the whole idea.

First objective was to go to South America, but how? New Zealand kinda depleted the funds so it had to be cheap. No option to buy a car or something. I wanted to move around freely without having to hitchhike. No bus, in other words.. That kinda leaves one option, a bike.

Having found the transportation the route was the next thing to think about. Patagonia was highest on the list so I had to go there.. A lot of people have seen pictures of Peru and the other countries in the region but everyone has seen the photo´s of Machu Picchu.

In short that is the plan: to cycle from Ushaia, Argentina to Lima, Peru.

Now however I am kind (still) researching the possibility to extend my travels a bit. The six months I had planned to take for this trip have gone by very very fast (five now). So therefore I contacted my old supervisors in New Zealand to see if there is something I could work on for a while. That is, as said, still in the pipeline but I expect a some more info quite soon.
In the case that I would be going to NZ it would be very lickely to hop on the way back home into Australia. But, once more, this is still not certain. I´ll keep you updated.