The Introduction

So welcome to my humble easy-looking website, this website will tell the story that I´ll try to be telling anyone in the world who´s interested. The stories of my trip to South-America.

First of all who am I? That my name is Jochem seems quite obvious so I will not spend any further talk about that. My "homeland" is Holland or The Netherlands and for that reason I´m Dutch. Currently I am 24 years old and have graduated two studies, Engineering Physics and Engineering Management. The last one I finished the end of July 2004. Normally people tend to find a job and start working, from my youth on I have always enjoyed to travel around. So when I hit New Zealand during my graduation I hit a highlight in my travel experience. That experience made the urge to travel around our little world (yes little) only stronger. After about a year of preparation, bad planning and hard work I am finally on the road again.

I hope that you will enjoy reading the stories and viewing the foto´s. During the coming time you can expect some changes on the website, some pages as you may have noticed do not work yet.. The News section and the Photo´s are already active and so is this introduction :)